The Blowout Story…

Portland’s first and only Blow Dry Bar  opened its doors on December 2, 2010, bringing hair bliss to Portland.    The goal… well if hair had a heaven, this would be it. Today, we know life isn’t just about the occasional gala event, so Blowout is open every day; coffee dates, work meetings, or simply the start of a new week seemed good  cause for a visit to Blowout. Of course we are the obvious first stop on a Girls’ Night Out (at least one worth talking about in the morning). To suit  many moods (and you’re entitled to each and every one) our six styles were designed to range from flirty, to sophisticated, to just plain HOT.

Blowout is  now Portland’s exclusive Blow Dry Bar.   Blowout is all about great blowout style – it’s faster, more affordable, and so much more fun than a typical salon. Our Stylistas are masters of the round brush, queens of the blow dryer – and their mission is to make women fabulous inside and out.

Let’s face it, bad hair days blow.

Thankfully, Blowout is here to end them, forever!