Cancellation Policy:

We require you to cancel by 5pm night prior for individual appointments to avoid a 50% charge.  Groups of 3 or more will be charge 25% cancel fee week of appointment, and up to100% cancel fee if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

Late Policy:

We can’t wait to blow you away!  In order to avoid any scheduling problems, we ask that you please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to allow for check-in. If you are 10 minutes late for your appointment, you may be subject to a dry style and/or we may need to reschedule your appointment.

Return Policy:

We want you to feel fabulous about your new purchase! We accept returns within 7 days for any damaged/malfunctioning tools or products. No returns will be accepted without proof of purchase.

Blowout gift cards cannot be returned and should be treated like cash.

Please note that all Blowout services, series and gift certificates are non-refundable.

Bonded or Sewn Extension policy:

All of our stylistas have learned how to handle extensions with care. However, Blowout Blow Dry Bar is not responsible for damaged or loose extensions as a result of a Blowout service. Thank you for understanding!

Stylista Requests:

While we try to accommodate all stylist requests, we cannot guarantee you will be paired with a particular stylista.  We will try to make every effort!

Service Fee:

Blowout  uses a service fee structure to compensate its employees and ensure fabulous service with fabulous stylistas.   We charge an 18% service charge in lieu of tipping.  Our staff will receive the full amount as wages on their check. We are committed to everyone on our team making $15 or more immediately, instead of following the schedule as laid out in the Oregon Plan.  To read the full announcement that went into effect in 2017…click here.